TV and Film Production, Distribution, and Management

BBE has a Vimeo Pro account, and we offer distribution of your original content on our channel.

There a several of avenues for distribution through BBE:

  1. If you have a short clip, music video, tutorial, etc. and just want to feature it somewhere, our original show FLiP TV is the place to do that! FLiP TV is a variety clips show where your short video content can find a home.
  2. If you would prefer your content to stand on its own, we can also upload your original content as its own video on our channel. You have the option of making it “free” to view or “pay-per-view” with a revenue split.
  3. BBE offers a very unique opportunity to independent filmmakers! We take the work out of you applying to multiple film festivals. BBE will do it for you!

Contact us today to discuss your project and needs!